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Green River Recap

December 30, 2010

So, as Tyson and I pretend like we’re not waiting up so we can get the paper as soon as it’s out later this morning, let’s start a collection of all the news reports we’ve been a part of…

Vancouver Sun
The Province
CNN (still waiting)
BBC (still waiting)

Newscasts: CHEK, A Channel, Global BC, and CBC

Then this to top it all off:

…plus some huge Flickr view counts – close to over 3,000 for me and close to 10,000(!) for Tyson – and a ton of over 1,700 YouTube views for my video…

Yeah, I’d call that a successful adventure.


Update 1 (Tyson): As of 9:20AM my uncredited photo on the CBC was removed and our comments were never posted. I’m at 17,561 views on my Flickr now. It’s growing faster than I could ever imagine.

Update 2 (Tyson): 3:45PM less that 20 hours after I posted my first batch of photos I have 22,529 views on Flickr. I’m hoping to get an Explore out of this.

Update 3 (Shayne): 4:30pm – The video just refreshed to show 10,422 views. My total Flickr views for the day ended up being 5,707. I also did an interview with CHEK this afternoon, which will run this evening (Thursday) at 5:30 (and probably in later casts, too) and might pop up on Global as well.

Update 4 (Shayne): 1:00am December 31 – The video (with “Courtesy Shayne Kaye”) has now been on CHEK, A Channel, Global BC, and CBC. My interview has run on CHEK and Global BC. Tyson said he ended “day one” with 24,964(!) Flickr views and I’ve already had 1,089 new ones today on mine. A bunch of his are featured on the TC’s website, and we both were in the story on the front page of their paper today. The YouTube view count hasn’t refreshed in a couple of hours, and sits ever so close to fifteen freaking thousand: 14,955 right now. Tyson’s also called me a dick at least a dozen times for stealing his thunder. Fuck him. I think we can call our mini competition a tie, barring any big developments.

Update 4a (Shayne): I’ve also Rickrolled one person after they asked for a link to the video. Hint: his name rhymes with (and appearance resembles a) “bison”. Strangely, I don’t think I was called a dick after doing that.

Update 5 (Tyson): One of my photos published in the TC on December 31st, 2010. Shayne’s still a dick.

Update 6 (Tyson): One of my photos will be appearing in the National Examiner.


Sucks to be Rozie

December 29, 2010

You know it was a good adventure when…

Green Goldstream



He knows me well!

December 23, 2010

“Horatio, it looks like the perp stabbed the vicitm six times in the chest with a CardSharp.” “Well then I guess we know…” *puts sunglasses on sunglasses* “…what to charge him with.”

that’s the second best thing i’ve seen online today

what was the first?


Ha, I saw those at Zydeco the other day and said to Darryl “You know who would like those? Rozie.”

Shark banana!

December 22, 2010

Tyson’s least favourite plus Shayne’s most favourite equals:

Fuck you, Youtube!

December 21, 2010

Only in Canada can I not watch a Tragically Hip music video on youtube because of the country I live in. It would be like being on a maple syrup farm, and them telling you can’t have any because you aren’t on another maple syrup farm.

Clearly youtube is not “ahead by a century.”
– Tyson

A BFC Christmas.

December 21, 2010

BFC no longer means Breakfast for Champions to me. It now means Bacon For Christmas.

One question that might have popped into my aunt’s head when buying me a Christmas present this year is “What do you get your vegetarian nephew for his Christmas?”  Her response was clear and definitive. A Bacon Wallet.

My family is lucky I have the same weird sense of humour. I also got a camera made of lego, but that is beside the point.

Well at least it wasn’t a ham wallet.
– Tyson

Tuuuuurn Arouuuuuund…

December 21, 2010

…oops…wrong total eclipse…

Here’s the right one:

What?! Shayne took photos of the lunar eclipse and put them online BEFORE THE NEXT LUNAR ECLIPSE?! No, they’re not on Flickr yet, but I figured this would be better. It turned out way better than I thought it would, considering how cloudy it was (it completely clouded over right as the total eclipse started…bah) and that I hadn’t actually intended on doing a timelapse until going through the shots at home…and that I had to manually crop all 25 of these photos so the moon would be in the same place in all of them…AND that Premiere Elements 8 is about as intuitive as Simian (ignore that if you’re a non-radio person).


PS – apparently it takes exactly one hour to walk from Mt. Tolmie to my place while wearing a backpack full of photo gear and a tripod. My feets hurt 😦

Shayne = Buddy the Elf

December 20, 2010

There are way way way too many reasons that Shayne reminds me of Buddy.  This one clinched it:

In case it isn’t clear, that’s a baggie of spaghetti.


December 20, 2010

Fabulous Sunglasses?

December 19, 2010

There have been so many news headlines/stories about the repealing of government-sanctioned homophobia “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the States, I keep seeing the expression “gay ban”. Every time I see it, I just imagine some flamboyant sunglasses…or maybe these.

Or, you know, it could be the brand name of the makers of “rhinestone shades“…