Roziemukkah Day 1

She’s alive!

Rozie returned in time for the tail end of Dine Around. We went to Smugglers’ Cove Pub, but, despite it being a pretty big two-story building, they have about ten tables. We decided to go aaaaaaall the way back across town to the Harbour to Flying Otter Grill…

The food was quite yummy…Rozie decided that she was too good for her pie’s shell…

The night wasn’t without unintentional amusement, though…

Ryan orders a pop.
*ten minutes*
Emily orders a beer.
*one minute*
Ryan gets his pop.
*ten minutes*
Emily orders her beer again, which didn’t seem to jog any memory of a previous order.
*a few minutes*
Food arrives.
Food is eaten.
Food aftermath is cleared.
Emily orders a water, which also doesn’t seem to jog any memory of a previous order.
*five minutes*
Emily, facing dehydration, begins eating ice.

Dessert arrives.
Dessert is eaten.
Dessert aftermath is cleared.
Emily scours the table for traces of liquid, the process of which still doesn’t convey the subtle hint.

And we still have seven more days of Roziemukkah left!


2 Responses to “Roziemukkah Day 1”

  1. Emily Says:


  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    This is what Shayne and I were laughing about the whole time Emily couldn’t get a drink. Of course it reminded us of Smod. From about 2:20 to 3:30.


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