Rocktopus 2011

So because I’m so awesome Kat decided to let me do the final version of the Rocktopus logo. I know you really liked the one she did of the octopus on the record player, so I took that in an entirely different direction. Ready?

I’d like to thank Bud for teaching me how to use Photoshop as if it was MS Paint with layers and my trackpad for making it really fucking hard to write with the paintbrush.





5 Responses to “Rocktopus 2011”

  1. Tyson Elder Says:

    I vote for this logo over the one Kat designed. Who is with me? Just kidding.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    I totally vote for this one!

  3. championsofbreakfast Says:

    You both mean the first, and better one. Right?

  4. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Don’t go implicating me in that train wreck of a logo, Shayne. =| Bud

  5. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Oh, I only supplied the Sparta update, it was Rozie (or Tyson?) who did the original one. ~Shayne

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