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I Want A Jersey

June 30, 2011

Belleville, Illinois field trip!



The Machines…

June 29, 2011

…they’ve become sentient!

Thanks, technology!


New leader

June 28, 2011

I just actually clicked on the “leaderboard” tab on Dailymile for the first time. Here’s something interesting:

Looks like Kat has actually logged more running km than Miss Fitness!


And how ’bout this for June:

Try and keep up, wouldja?

…don’t mind me, I’m just ignoring the fact that the two of you could run laps around me in any kind of competition. That last one also fails to note that I was off and spent a week walking around while you two had work, etc.


June 27, 2011

Jesus wasn’t dead. He was just in a three-day diabetic coma from eating too many Mini Eggs at Easter.


Wanna play?

June 24, 2011

Hey, Tyson! I think it’s your turn to comment on Bud’s phlog.

Never too young for ‘Nam

June 18, 2011



June 18, 2011

You guys? I want to make cheese.

The King of Ricotta: Salvatore Bklyn from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

Rozie’s Angels

June 3, 2011

No context required.

I’m pretty sure that chair’s unsanitary

June 1, 2011

Dear ninth rib: get back in place like your 11 friends. says:

…and now there‚Äôs yogurt on my lazboy.

the 5606km contest

June 1, 2011

Debate time!

I use dailymile to track exercise like running and biking. I don’t use it to track walking because since for the most part I don’t have a car and walking is my transportation and therefore doesn’t count to my activity total. If I was biking to work or to socialize I wouldn’t count that either, as it would be transportation.

Shayne joined dailymile to track his walking and to see how long until his walks total the distance to walk to Halifax. Cute, yes? Except IMHO that bastard is cheating. He logs walking to work. Which yes, is legitimately walking, but is not recreational. I’m not counting walking to work so I don’t think he should be if we’re having a race to 5606km.

I’m not worried about him beating my numbers because a) I started first and b) that’s just not how this is going to go down.

I still want to implement a rule or two here though, just for clarity/”I’m so right!/He so wrong” purposes.

So. Are you team rozie or team shaynebo?