the 5606km contest

Debate time!

I use dailymile to track exercise like running and biking. I don’t use it to track walking because since for the most part I don’t have a car and walking is my transportation and therefore doesn’t count to my activity total. If I was biking to work or to socialize I wouldn’t count that either, as it would be transportation.

Shayne joined dailymile to track his walking and to see how long until his walks total the distance to walk to Halifax. Cute, yes? Except IMHO that bastard is cheating. He logs walking to work. Which yes, is legitimately walking, but is not recreational. I’m not counting walking to work so I don’t think he should be if we’re having a race to 5606km.

I’m not worried about him beating my numbers because a) I started first and b) that’s just not how this is going to go down.

I still want to implement a rule or two here though, just for clarity/”I’m so right!/He so wrong” purposes.

So. Are you team rozie or team shaynebo?


12 Responses to “the 5606km contest”

  1. Kat Says:

    Well part of me thinks since Shayne’s recreational only total would be 0 imma going to go team shaynebo on this one.

    But the other part of me says “fuck that” because he’s beating my km count and knocking me out of dailymile’s top five every week. *shakes fist*

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    First off, I didn’t think we were ACTUALLY racing to 5606km…that was just for amusement.

    Second, if you’re tracking “activity”, I think you SHOULD keep track of everything (ignoring super tiny things, obviously). Transportation, for most people, means a car or bus. The fact that you (and I) self-propel for transportation definitely counts as exercise.

    Third, I’m tracking WALKING. This means I’m marking down any walk that’s >15 minutes. I’m not adding the (albeit small recent amount of) cycling to my total, because I only started Dailymile a) out of curiosity regarding how far my walking adds up to and b) to play with maps.

    Don’t make me come over there! Seriously…don’t – I don’t want to deal with you saying my 5606km walk to argue with you in person doesn’t count towards my total for some reason…

    Team Shaynebow

  3. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Considering I did 7.5 recreationally just on Monday, I shake my fist right back!

    Thanks for being on my side, though…I’ll be sure to reward you with more purple drug coffee.


  4. championsofbreakfast Says:

    1. If you google map a route between our homes it’s minimum 6043km, so you’re going to have to up that goal and activity.

    2. Of course I’m making this into a competition. I haven’t been gone long enough for you to forget that!

    3. Maybe I’ll make a secondary dailymile account for tracking walking. But maybe not, because I like Kat and don’t want to ruin her top five that badly.

    4. I DARE you to come over here.


  5. championsofbreakfast Says:

    5. When you come over here bring me purple drug coffee.

  6. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Purple Drug Coffee: It’s like Purple Drank, but for runners.

  7. Kat Says:

    I like how we’re all pretending that I had any shot at all of making it into the top five even without you two on my list.

    Ps. Purple drank coffee

  8. Emily Says:

    Oh Rozie, get over yourself! Activity is activity and anyone can do it or track it however they please. Sure you self-flagellate in the name of exercise, but it doesn’t mean anyone else’s form of activity is less valid.

    Your sister.

  9. championsofbreakfast Says:

    haha bitchslapped by your own sister. Well done, Emily.

  10. Kat Says:

    Bonus points for using the term “self-flagellate”

  11. Kat Says:

    I’m about to win this argument, did you guys see that there’s a “Commute” option under workouts?

  12. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Good find! Right in time for me to start walking and cycling to work again. Thanks, Kat.

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