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“my boobs are gonna be rich!”

August 30, 2011

rozie says:
awesome post btw

Tyson says:
I’ve been writing more stuff like that, but not posting it.
it’s all the productivity, design, and web stuff I listen to these days I think.

rozie says:
btw it reminded me of one of the bloggess’ fifty silipillion awesome posts about stupid marketers.

Tyson says:
this article made me choke on my juice. it made me laugh pretty hard

rozie says:
the bloggess is super awesome
dammit this is such a timesuck of a blog.
if you make shirts and give me one for free i might wear it
especially if it’s a wifebeater or lowcut

Tyson says:
free marketing

rozie says:
i’ll send you a high resolution picture of me doing something awesome in it

Tyson says:
you will get $2 for every person staring at your boobs that then results in sales of my photographs lol

rozie says:
we’re gonna be rich!

Tyson says:
well one of us is. lol

rozie says:
my boobs are gonna be rich!


Cast Shots: Shayne from “Champions of Breakfast 3D”

August 19, 2011

the joys of fake marriage in the digital age

August 17, 2011

rozie says:
oh yeah your dad and mom texted me last night

Shaynebow says:
I heard
*shaking head*
they called before work

rozie says:
to tell you they texted me?

Shaynebow says:
they were asking about if I had the 27th off to go see Santana with her
but mentioned it

rozie says:
that’s nice. they’re like “here’s a text to show you we like you more than shayne.”

i was all “wtf that’s effing awesome.”

Shaynebow says:
congrats on being a bad influence on your m-i-l

rozie says:
she’s brave to do her navel. i’ve tried it like three times and it never works

Shaynebow says:
I actually thought she had that already…I remember her getting it done like 10 years ago
apparently she took it out at some point
if she gets her lip done, we might need a divorce…for her sake

rozie says:
why? it’s a good look!

Shaynebow says:

Good Timing

August 7, 2011

I knew I was close to hitting 150,000 total views on Flickr, so I decided to pull up my stats page to see if I’d hit it yet. Well…that was kinda cool.


*waits for Tyson to post his likely-five-times-my-total screencap*

Kayaking: Round Two

August 5, 2011

Going kayaking with Kat on Monday. How’s this for terrifying?

Lest we forget


Update: Kat just oh-so-calmly voiced a minor fear…

a picture for now

August 4, 2011

One day I’ll get my flickr account pro’d up again (now that the year Tyson bought me ran out) and then I’ll post some pictures. Until then? Here’s one:

At my uncle's cottage in Quebec

ETA: after I posted wordpress let us know that this is our 294th post. And then called it Impressive! HA!