the joys of fake marriage in the digital age

rozie says:
oh yeah your dad and mom texted me last night

Shaynebow says:
I heard
*shaking head*
they called before work

rozie says:
to tell you they texted me?

Shaynebow says:
they were asking about if I had the 27th off to go see Santana with her
but mentioned it

rozie says:
that’s nice. they’re like “here’s a text to show you we like you more than shayne.”

i was all “wtf that’s effing awesome.”

Shaynebow says:
congrats on being a bad influence on your m-i-l

rozie says:
she’s brave to do her navel. i’ve tried it like three times and it never works

Shaynebow says:
I actually thought she had that already…I remember her getting it done like 10 years ago
apparently she took it out at some point
if she gets her lip done, we might need a divorce…for her sake

rozie says:
why? it’s a good look!

Shaynebow says:


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4 Responses to “the joys of fake marriage in the digital age”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I was actually thinking of my eye brow next and then lip. What do you think Rozie?

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Nah, I think that it’s time to jump forward to a motorcycle, tattoo or exotic pet.

    (Yes, if Shayne moves back in that counts as an exotic pet.)

  3. championsofbreakfast Says:

    I agree.
    Like a llama…or an emu.

  4. Tyson Elder Says:

    But not a green emu that’s cruel.

    Yeah, it’s time to buy a motorcycle, and for Cotton to get a picture of Shayne tattooed on his arm.

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