“my boobs are gonna be rich!”

rozie says:
awesome post btw

Tyson says:
I’ve been writing more stuff like that, but not posting it.
it’s all the productivity, design, and web stuff I listen to these days I think.

rozie says:
btw it reminded me of one of the bloggess’ fifty silipillion awesome posts about stupid marketers.

Tyson says:
this article made me choke on my juice. it made me laugh pretty hard

rozie says:
the bloggess is super awesome
dammit this is such a timesuck of a blog.
if you make tysonelder.org shirts and give me one for free i might wear it
especially if it’s a wifebeater or lowcut

Tyson says:
free marketing

rozie says:
i’ll send you a high resolution picture of me doing something awesome in it

Tyson says:
you will get $2 for every person staring at your boobs that then results in sales of my photographs lol

rozie says:
we’re gonna be rich!

Tyson says:
well one of us is. lol

rozie says:
my boobs are gonna be rich!


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