Time travel, anyone?

So I’m thinking if time travel gets invented we should totally spend the day at Action Park.  Good idea, yes?


4 Responses to “Time travel, anyone?”

  1. Kathryn Lancashire (@klancashire) Says:

    We’ll file Action Park’s closure under reasons why Shayne is miraculously still alive.

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    That was a pretty amazing read. Who found it…and how? And Kat – yeah, probably a good filing, there.

  3. Tyson Elder Says:

    Tyson Elder was the first man to go back in time and die in a waterpark accident. Unlike in the 2000’s waterslides were not reinforced with steel for a “growing American population.”

  4. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Shayne! Who the hell do you think found it? We’re breaking up.

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