New Bud Project

The site is called “Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies“.

Simple/boring premise… until you learn that Arthur is a baby.

Bud: Go.



4 Responses to “New Bud Project”

  1. Tyson Elder Says:

    Do you even get the jokes? I thought you haven’t seen any movies.

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    I got a couple…enough to see the promise in the idea.

  3. Tyson Elder Says:

    It’s okay. I already have Child Protective Services programmed into my phone. So, I’ll just keep it in there for when you accidentally knock up a girl.

  4. championsofbreakfast Says:

    I think after this post any successful conception that can be attributed to Shayne (shudder) shall be deemed NOT an accident. At least, if he had any part in the contraception.

    I’m going to go bleach my brain now.

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