Check it out, y’all!  They let me hang out with a kid!  I also supervised bathtime and meal time.  Kid?  STILL TOTALLY ALIVE.

His parents are still talking to me even though I repeatedly said “man up, asshole” to him about his lego skillz.


2 Responses to “Storytime!”

  1. championsofbreakfast Says:

    After looking up that book, I’ve concluded it sends a terrible message to kids. It says things like “That’s not my bunny…its tail is too soft”, and other examples of bunnies being different from each other while the child continues searching for its exact bunny. BULLSHIT! If you find or are offered a bunny, YOU TAKE IT. If it’s not the “right” one, you keep looking and amass AS MANY BUNNIES AS YOU CAN. Stupid book.

    Oh, and good job on the not-killing-or-maiming part. I also approve of the skillz encouragement.

    ~Shayne (I know, you expected that bunny rant to be from Tyson or Kat, right?)

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Just tried to write a negative review on the book’s Amazon listing, but apparently you need an account for that. Tempting, but too much effort.

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