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Uninformed debate is the best

April 4, 2012

rozie says:
btw what are you doing on the 17th?  Geeks vs Nerds.  CYLONS VS TERMINATORS

Kathryn says:
OOH I’m in!

rozie says:
that’s where i won my phone thingy

Kathryn says:
Cylons btw

rozie says:

Kathryn says:
I’ve never seen Terminator so I have to go Cylons

rozie says:
dude our friendship is officially on thin motherfucking ice.

Kathryn says:
Cylons fucking destroyed a planet!! TWICE
The only reason humans survived is they managed to make a hybrid. That was the only way!

rozie says:
yeah but terminators can time travel so they’d just go back in time and delete the cylons. game over.

Kathryn says:
I mean not to bring up BSG’s bad writing but there was basically magic and shit. Cylons would find away to fuck up their shit.
Can’t argue with magic

rozie says:
i dunno, arnold plus time travel = winning
ps the best parts of this argument:
a) we’re both at work
b) i’ve never seen BSG and you haven’t seen terminator

Kathryn says:
We’re super unprepared for this event
Enter: beer

rozie says:
we’re exactly the right kind of uninformed for this

Kathryn says:
One of the cylons
just sayin’

rozie says:
one of us needs to win that flight credit asap

Kathryn says:
Yeah huh!

rozie says:
here’s the T-X
this’d probably be the sexiest robot battle evar
maybe in a wrestling ring of engine oil.

Kathryn says:
I really think this is an “everybody wins” type of situation



April 3, 2012

While I’m away…

1. I’m setting the over/under for “photos taken” at 3,000.

Edit: Actual total was 2,904. Apparently my guess was decent.

2. Over/under for “maps purchased” is 10.

Edit: 6 antique maps, 7 reproduction 5×7 maps, 9 map postcards, and 3 globes. The best score(s), though? A Swedish atlas, geography book, and wall map from an antiques/second-hand store in Stockholm’s old town.

3. Don’t burn my apartment down.

4. If you do burn my apartment down, don’t tell me until I get home. It’ll still be burnt down when I get back.

Oh, memories: Good news / bad news