Summer 2013

I know in the past there has been a lot of talk of us all going on vacation somewhere warm like Cuba, but tonight I came up with a brilliant idea. Kat can vouch for that.

Here’s my idea. 

A week on a boat with friends drinking. Plus some of these boats have waterslides, hot tubs, and fireplaces.

Shayne and I both have plenty of experience with boats, and as Kat pointed out we won’t be the first group to sink one.

I mean what could go wrong? 



6 Responses to “Summer 2013”

  1. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Will it be possible to outfit the boat with cameras and perhaps have a webstream happening during the trip? I imagine shenanigans.

  2. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Tyson – minor detail: you and I hate the ocean and everything it stands for. I don’t know if your hatred extends to lakes, but mine does.

  3. Tyson Elder Says:

    Bud – I think that violates some privacy issues.

    Shayne – I like lakes. Man up!

  4. championsofbreakfast Says:

    I’m in, but if anyone pushes me in the water, I swear I’ll kill you all. ~Shayne

  5. klancashire Says:

    It’s not “pushing you in the water” it’s “triathlon training”.

    Also cameras everywhere sounds a) like a creepy porn or b) a horror movie

  6. championsofbreakfast Says:

    c) both

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