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I have a dream…

June 30, 2012


MSN with Shayne: part 29762

June 27, 2012

Shaynebow says:
oh hi
how goes?

rozie says:
talked to your dad this morning

Shaynebow says:
if you’re in cuba right now, I’ll kill you all

Throw out your Snuggies!

June 18, 2012

It seems like tumblr is a magical place if you are Shayne or you just like naked ladies, cats, and Game of Thrones gifs.

Time for Shayne to throw out his snuggie (sloosh sloosh) and buy some map onesies. 



June 14, 2012

1: I miss our stupid conversations on MSN.  Please go get yourself a cell phone so we can text or re-acquaint yourself with your computer and La-Z-Boy.

2: From Kat: there’s a Kathryn Calder intimate show on his day off in the Old Town Exhibit of the museum.  Poster.


The past month

June 4, 2012

Poor everyone who has had to deal with me the past while, especially Kat and Bud, who have learned just how useless I truly am with technology.

Basically, this.


How to make rap tolerable

June 3, 2012

I’ve discovered how to a) make Shayne hate rap less and b) potentially make Tyson hate K-OS less (maybe a tiny bit, at least): just add Becky Ninkovic from You Say Party, hipster cameras, and, as a random amusement bonus, have the song be a partial cover of an ABBA member’s solo tune that has Phil Collins on drums.

Dear music I don’t like: have Becky Ninkovic (or Kathryn Calder, obviously) in your songs and I’ll give you my money (and ears).