How to make rap tolerable

I’ve discovered how to a) make Shayne hate rap less and b) potentially make Tyson hate K-OS less (maybe a tiny bit, at least): just add Becky Ninkovic from You Say Party, hipster cameras, and, as a random amusement bonus, have the song be a partial cover of an ABBA member’s solo tune that has Phil Collins on drums.

Dear music I don’t like: have Becky Ninkovic (or Kathryn Calder, obviously) in your songs and I’ll give you my money (and ears).



One Response to “How to make rap tolerable”

  1. Tyson Elder Says:

    It’s not that I “hate” K-OS it’s just he’s been a real dick to me in past interactions. I really liked Joyful Rebellion and that track he did with Small Sins.

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