Fatman Rises

3:45 AM – Tyson is awoken by a fluttering sound around his window. Thinks nothing of it. Thinks I didn’t leave a fan on. Something touches his face. Tyson was asleep in his bed. Nothing touches his face there. Tyson turns on light.

3:46AM – Tyson is dive bombed by a mysterious flying creature. It is circling his room. Tyson is certainly doomed.

3:47AM – After several attempts of trying to hit flying creature with a pillow, Tyson stealthy exits bedroom for bigger weapon. Tyson has now established there is a bat in his house.

3:48AM – Tyson swats at bat with broom, and turns on ceiling fan.

3:49AM – Tyson swats at bat.

3:50AM – Tyson succesfully knocks bat out of the air. He throws a towel over the bat, and rushes it outside.

3:52AM – Bat flies away. Stunned, but unharmed.

3:53AM – Tyson utters a loud “fuck” when he realizes he should have taken pictures instead of going into Fight or Flight mode. Although there was no camera in his bedroom.

4:01AM – Tyson writes on BFC.

As a kid I wanted to be Batman, but this is a little ridiculous. Yes, I’ve referred to my place as the Batcave, but that had to do more with it being cave like, and in a basement.  Bats are the worst alarm clock ever.


One Response to “Fatman Rises”

  1. asdasdas Says:

    fuck you

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