A ONE gig card?

I wanted to get a photo off my camera, so after pulling the 16gb card from my computer’s slot, I popped open the camera to get the one from it.

Out popped a measly 1gb card. I just stared at it blankly, then started laughing because this photo immediately came to mind:

Me ‘n’ Diddy are a lot alike, apparently.


PS: I couldn’t remember which rapper it was in the pic, so I GIS’d “jay-z one dollar bill” and “kanye west one dollar bill” before finding out it was P. Diddy. To my amusement, both of those other searches also yielded this photo 🙂


2 Responses to “A ONE gig card?”

  1. Tyson Elder Says:

    It would take 86 1.44mb floppy disks to install firefox. Think about that.

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