Photo Business Recap

Now that the market season is done, I want to do a recap of my first foray into self-employment/photos-for-money. I’m tired, but I really feel like putting this up now, so let’s just have a random list of stuff I learned in no real order, shall we? Correct grammar/spelling will be optional in this post, methinks.

I was going to end with a “last but not least/most importantly” thing about (in a trying-not-to-be-too-sappy way) how awesome everyone has been the past few months. From the constant “you can do it!” (or at least a timely “man up, asshole”) motivation to the even contstant-er help requests (“BUD – I NEED A BUSINESS CARD PDF NOW OMG!” or “Kat, I need you to finish my ‘I’m-doing-it-all-myself’ website!”), you’ve all been beyond amazing and I owe you all massively. I may not have the massive-est circle of friends, but this whole experience has emphasized “quality over quantity”. Hopefully that didn’t make everyone throw up too much.

On to my ruminations…

  • Businesses are expensive. The amount of times I ended up thinking “crap, I need ___, too” was impressive
  • A vehicle would be nice sometimes
  • Nine hours of work (I left to get the truck/equipment from work at 2pm and generally got home about 11pm after unloading) for $150 minus expenses is rough
  • Nine hours of work for $23 minus expenses is painful
  • There are no price signs big/neon enough to avoid “how much?” questions
  • Photos in Victoria =/= photos of Victoria
  • People love ducks looking cute
  • People love this squirrel (which I almost didn’t get printed)
  • There’s no possible “right” price for things
  • I need to get everything together the night before the market, not the day of
  • There’s no possible “right” setup for a photo tent
  • Wind sucks
  • I’m going to look like quite the drug dealer bringing all my cash to the bank
  • When you sweat while walking on a 10 degree day, you’re gonna have a bad time setting up a tent/booth when it’s 28 degrees out
  • Mini donuts > sales
  • Bird shit on tent > bird shit on photos
  • Total number of market nights I didn’t at least minorly injure myself from those wall racks: 0
  • Total number of photos sold from those wall racks: 0
  • Just realized I’m 0-for-2 in “professions that pay well”. Next year I’ll work on adding a fast food job for the trifecta
  • This was far more work than someone with my level of laziness should be committing to
  • Finally, a thought process I had during one of the early markets
    • So many impressive shots…
    • “Awww! Lookit the duckies!”
    • …that took creativity…
    • “Aww those are so cute!”
    • …and dedication…
    • “Soooo cuuuuute!”
    • …and dare I say a bit of skill…
    • “Wookit the widdle duckies!”
    • …and I could’ve simply dedicated my photography to shots of baby ******* ducks…
    • …wait a minute…
    • …Baby ducks are the Nickelback of photography.

3 Responses to “Photo Business Recap”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    For the record, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by the profitability of fast food restaurant work, coming from your other two chosen careers.

  2. Tyson Elder Says:

    On that note. Things Tyson needs back.

    – Those walls and all their hook things.
    – cashbox
    – Other things my mom might have lent you.

  3. championsofbreakfast Says:

    Haha, ducks. Yeeeaaah, ducks.

    And the squirrel wins ’cause it tells a story. Better yet, a story that anyone can tailor to their own liking.

    In the early days, it’s not the money, it’s the experience.

    Man up and get a vehicle. Yes, you do need one.

    Next time, throw in a mini donut with every photo.

    =) Bud

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