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The Anti-Bee Anthem

October 30, 2012

I bought the Of Monsters And Men album today. Got home, put it on, and the first song, Dirty Paws, has changed my life. Not in the usual “find a song you love” way, but in a “did that just happen?!” way.

Halfway through the second verse begins a tale of the birds and the bees…literally.

I heard the line “The bees had declared a war” (1:34) and immediately paused it because I had to check the lyrics in the CD booklet to see if that’s actually what they said. Yup. Bees. Declaring. War. At this point, I realized this could go one of two ways: either I was going to have to throw out the CD for being pro-bee before I’d even finished listening to the first song or this was going to be (the true definition of the over-used word) epic.

What happens next in the story? After “The forest that once was green / was coloured black by those killing machines”, the birds recruit the other animals and TAKE OUT THE BEES.

I had to listen to it again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and had actually just listened to a song about A WAR STARTED BY BEES WHERE THE ANIMAL KINGDOM JOINS TOGETHER AND FUCKING KILLS THEM ALL.

That just happened. I have my new anthem.

Oh, and as you might guess from seeing the girl in the video, I’ll be switching my language-attempting from Swedish to Icelandic.


Good week so far

October 24, 2012

First, Tyson sent me a screencap of Ellen Page with a bunch of globes yesterday

Today? Hannah Hart is dressed like a bunny with a pancake on her head(!)

Photo by ohmyharto

Time to scour the internet for a photo of Kathryn Calder wearing an “I heart Sweden” shirt…

Oh wow. I just hit “preview” on this and noticed the link to the previous post was Tyson’s post of pretty much the exact same thing. Brilliant.


Double Boners™ Days

October 24, 2012

Everything is coming up Double Boners™ for Shayne lately.

Last night I was watching Whip It and saw this.

Also note he says that he hasn’t seen the whole movie yet and that he keeps falling asleep after the first scene. That’s the last thoughtful gift I get you for your birthday, asshole.

Then something else happened on the internet.


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