The Anti-Bee Anthem

I bought the Of Monsters And Men album today. Got home, put it on, and the first song, Dirty Paws, has changed my life. Not in the usual “find a song you love” way, but in a “did that just happen?!” way.

Halfway through the second verse begins a tale of the birds and the bees…literally.

I heard the line “The bees had declared a war” (1:34) and immediately paused it because I had to check the lyrics in the CD booklet to see if that’s actually what they said. Yup. Bees. Declaring. War. At this point, I realized this could go one of two ways: either I was going to have to throw out the CD for being pro-bee before I’d even finished listening to the first song or this was going to be (the true definition of the over-used word) epic.

What happens next in the story? After “The forest that once was green / was coloured black by those killing machines”, the birds recruit the other animals and TAKE OUT THE BEES.

I had to listen to it again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and had actually just listened to a song about A WAR STARTED BY BEES WHERE THE ANIMAL KINGDOM JOINS TOGETHER AND FUCKING KILLS THEM ALL.

That just happened. I have my new anthem.

Oh, and as you might guess from seeing the girl in the video, I’ll be switching my language-attempting from Swedish to Icelandic.


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