BFC time machine: Emily’s first post

Because this will never get old.

‘Twas one month before Christmas and all through the night
Emily’s snowman said “something’s not right!”
The patio chairs were beginning to drip,
The concrete was slippery and someone could slip.

The humans were nestled all snug in the house
But he had no friends, not even a mouse!
The barbeque’s covered, the bike’s in the shed,
He couldn’t find his bucket – it wasn’t on his head!

The snowman was lonely and said with misery
“I wish for a friend to come and save me”
And what to his wondering eyes did appear
But a man on a bicycle; his smile filled with cheer.

He was dressed in all rainbows – not at all plain,
And he knew in an instant that this must be Shayne!
A bucket of joy he had flung on his back
and he looked just like Santa with a lot less fat.

“A bottle of wine? Do you think I’m an elf?”
Said the snowman to Shayne, in spite of himself.
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
The snowman was left with a bottle instead.

“Hester Creek wine? What am I to do with this?
My arms melted off with nary a hiss!
What am I to do when the snow fin’lly melts?
It’s not like I’m Tyson with a beardy pelt!”

“Snowmen get cold in the winter you know
Especially when warmer winds begin to blow.
At least I have this back – my trusty red pail
As the weather gets warmer and I become frail.”

“Oh, Shayne you have saved me, a lowly snowman
Even if you are just a banana-loving human.”
As Shayne left on his bicycle the rear wheel flashed
But the snowman was thankful ’cause he soon would be trashed.”


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